Blackwolf Huntress Pack Review | The All-in-One Workout Stack Designed Specifically for Women!

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Finally, an all-in-one supplement stack designed specifically for women! Blackwolf has combined 3 powerful formulas to create the ultimate Power Blend™ for the serious female athlete, providing the exact amount of each supplement required for Pre, Intra and Post workouts. The Huntress Pack is the perfect combination of supplements needed to maximize every woman’s results from each and every training session. Everything your body needs to transform your physique and to reach your goals in a safe, healthy and effective Manner.

Although each individual supplement will produce great results, when combined together they become synergistically more powerful. The TRAIL formula will get you into the zone during Pre-workout while the Hunt formula will kick your Intra-workout into high gear so that you blast through an intense session while maintaining consistent energy levels. Finally the ELIMINATE formula will speed recovery time while enhancing strength gains, you’ll see noticeable improvements in strength, power and lean muscle gain.

The HUNTRESS Pack is the best stack to take care of a woman’s body Pre-workout, Intra-workout, and Post-workout. Eack Pack includes everything your body requires to bust through plateaus, transform your physique, and propel your workouts to the next level. With the HUNTRESS pack you’ll be leaner and stronger within 30 days or less, you’ll have the edge over the rest of the Pack.

The Huntress Pack includes the following 3 formulas:

TRAIL Formula is a Pre-workout supplement designed and formulated specifically for the ladies. The high potency combination of ingredient in this supplement will greatly enhance your ability to focus while vastly increasing your energy levels throughout the day whether you’re at home or at work. Trail is to be taken before your workouts to help you power your way through hard-core training sessions like never before.

The formula is comprised of 20 bio-active ingredients that work to eliminate fat, build lean muscle, and increase energy levels. The powerful antioxidants help to rid your body of free-radicals during workout, leaving you feeling and looking fresh and rejuvenated.

The TRAIL supplement is an essential pre-workout formula that will boost your energy levels. To maximize its effectiveness it is best used in conjunction with the HUNT formula and the ELIMINATE formula.

HUNT Formula is engineered to be used while working out especially during lengthy training sessions. It helps to maintain peak energy levels, which means that you will stay strong throughout your entire workout.

Hunt’s uniquely designed formula is loaded with essential BCAA's which help to reduce fatigue , and is also perfectly blended with just the right amount of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

This all-in-1 intra-workout formula will fuel your body with all the important nutrients it requires and at just the right time.

HUNT works well on its own but will perform even better when combined with the TRAIL formula and the ELIMINATE formula. Elevate your workouts to a higher level bt adding all three to your supplementation regime.

ELIMINATE Formula is a scientifically advanced post-workout formula designed to help your body recover faster so that you can quickly move on to your next training session. The unique formula has been perfectly blended to feed your body with the proper combination of ingredients that your body craves immediately after an intense workout. Your muscles will repair themselves faster, leading to bigger gains, more muscle growth and a complete recovery before you move on to your next training session.

The advantage of taking the Eliminate supplement is that you can get on with your daily routine knowing that your body has gotten all the essential nutrients it needs Post-workout.

ELIMINATE is a premiere all-in-one post-workout formula that works even better when paired with together with the TRAIL and HUNT supplements. You’ll experience awesome workouts and achieve amazing result when you include all 3 into your supplementation plan.

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