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The makers of Blackwolf workout supplements have combined 3 of their all-in-one formulations to produce the most advanced pre-workout, intra-workout and post workout gender specific supplement pack on the market. The Hunter pack is designed specifically for men who want to get the most out of their workout time, be it at home or in the gym. Huge gains in lean muscle mass along with greater power, longer endurance and faster recovery times will be experienced very quickly with this unique combination.

Each product on its own will produce knock-out results. But when used in synergy with one another known as Blackwolf Power Blend™, the results are exponential and unlike anything in this world! Use the TRACK formula to get zoned in before you start your workouts, and then explode your way through even the most grueling workouts with the HUNT formula, and finally accelerate the recovery process while speeding up muscle growth with the Eliminate formula. Be part of the Blackwolf Pack!

The BlackWolf Hunter pack has all the necessary elements your body requires for all 3 phases of your training regime to massively improve performance while greatly reducing the recovery time between your workouts.

Break through plateaus and transform your body faster than you thought possible. Achieve ultimate strength, mass and definition with the BlackWolf Hunter pack and see impressive results in less than 30 days.

The 3 formulas that make up the Hunter Pack include:

TRACK Formula is to be used prior to working out and was designed to get you in the zone so when you start your workout you’ll be focused, have the right frame of mind, and be full of energy. This uniquely designed formula combines the best elements of high-energy drinks, branched-chain amino acid, pure creatine, and balanced protein mixes.

With a combined list of 20 powerful ingredients perfectly blended for optimum effect the TRACK formula will enable you to increase your pump while staying focused on intensity during your workouts.

The final result is a uniquely designed, comprehensive formula that will get you in the zone and help you power your way through the most intense workouts.

TRACK is the ultimate pre-workout formula that produces deadly results. When used together with the equally powerful HUNT and ELIMINATE formulas, you’ll be pushing your body further and harder than you ever have before.

HUNT formula is an advanced supplement formulated for use during your workouts. It massively improves your performance helping you to get through those lengthy, high-intensity training days, it greatly increases your increase strength, your speed, your power and your endurance – it also helps to combat fatigue.

HUNT’s unique formulation is jam-packed with BCAAs, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids so you’ll be able to power through your workouts while continuing to maintain peak performance throughout your workout thus leading to much greater and quicker results. Improve your workouts and bust through plateaus during workouts with the HUNT formula.

HUNT is designed to work best when used together with the Powerful TRACK, and ELIMINATE formulas. Combine all three supplements for ultimate results.

ELIMINATE formula is another advanced formula for use after your workout and was developed to speed up recovery, helping your body repair itself for your next training session. The scientifically engineered supplement has been meticulously formulated to provide your body with the exact nutrients needed after an intense workout.
Proper nutrition after a workout is necessary to achieve maximum results and with over 20 carefully selected ingredients working in synergy to build muscle and repair your body, ELIMINATE formula is the perfect solution. An all-in-1 supplement that is easy to digest which will enable your body quickly to repair itself for the next training session.

ELIMINATE is an important supplement to be use post-workout, and works well together with powerful TRACK and HUNT formulas. For massive gains and faster results, combine all three as part of your complete workout and supplementation plan.
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