HUNT Intra-Workout Review | All-in-One Formula Designed to Get You Through Intense Workouts!

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HUNT Formula is a powerful supplement blend designed to be used during workouts to help get you through the most difficult sessions. You’ll feel strong from beginning to end with the boost in energy that HUNT delivers. Blended with the perfect ratio of essential nutrients, Hunt it is the workout supplement that can be relied on to help you crush it in the gym.

Idealy suited for use during intense workouts, HUNT will help get you through end of your workouts where you would normally begin to experience fatigue. This translates to you being able to maximize the use of your time during your training, which will lead to faster gains and continuously improved results. HUNT also speeds-up you body’s recovery time, enabeling you to quickly get back to the gym feeling fresh, rejuvinated and ready to smash it.

How the Hunt Formula Works?

HUNT's premium intra-workout formula is designed to help you make through even the most gruelling workouts. It gives your body strength, power and long lasting endurance by way of a scientifically derived combination of nutrients that have been carefully selected to produce those specific results.

The unique base of the Hunt formula revolves around the Blackwolf Power Blend™, a specially designed mixture of branched-chain amino acids and several growth factor co-nutrients that have been perfectly blended to maximize results. L-isoleucine, L-valine and L-leucine, help to grow and repair muscle, also included is creatine monohydrate for building lean muscle mass.

Other essential ingredients included in the Blackwolf Power Blend™ are ones that are often contained in high-energy sports drinks, like L-taurine, which means that you’ll be able to work more insensly with more endurance. Additionally selenium, zinc, CoQ10 and whey protein (isolate) are added to the blend to aid in recovery time and repair muscles more quickly

The formula in the Hunt supplement has a higher ratio of carbohydrates to protein which is designed to fuel your body throughout the most difficult workouts. It also includes several ingredients that have a number of health benefits, from the electrolytes found within magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium to measured amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Your body’s immune system will continue to function at peak levels during hard workouts while at the same time protecting your cells from oxidative stress.

HUNT is a superior all-in-one intra-workout formula, scientifically-engineered to help you power your way through tough workouts while reducing the breakdown of muscle tissue. 

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