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Super-charge your workouts with Blackwolf's scientifically engineered power blends formulated specifically for men or women. No more guesswork, fuel your body with the EXACT combination of essential nutrients your body needs to achieve maximum results before, during and after workouts.

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Because they know one size doesn’t fit all, Blackwolf Workout takes into account all the fitness supplements you need for both women and men – and at a value that will knock your socks off...

Blackwolf Workout specializes in providing powerful, all-in-one workout formulas specifically tailored for your pre-workout, intra-workout, or post-workout needs – at least according to the attractive marketing copy.

Blackwolf Workout does take a unique approach to marketing its products though. Instead of offering a vast array of supplements to choose from, the company has separated its offerings into pre-packed groups sold together, divided by the needs of a male body vs a female one. It’s an innovative approach, and the fact that you don’t have to buy targeted supplements from a myriad of different sources is a major plus.

The additional bonuses of a free 700ml shaker bottle and a package of 5 workout guides, plus free international shipping, easily make Blackwolf Workout stand out when it comes to value for money – but let’s learn more.

Who is Blackwolf Workout?

Blackwolf Workout products are supplied by Wolfson Berg Limited, a sports nutrition and workout supplement company that provides consulting, manufacturing, and brand design services for nutraceutical companies and products thanks to their combined 30 years’ worth of industry experience. Wolfson Berg is headquartered on the island nation of Cyprus, in the Mediterranean.

There are any number of companies around the world that source their supplement products from Wolfson Berg. However, Blackwolf Workout isn’t just another third-party that uses Wolfson Berg products, though – it’s a direct product, made by the company and for the company. Wolfson Berg markets the supplements directly, hence the “Blackwolf” part of Blackwolf Workout’s name.

Product Lineup

Blackwolf Workout’s product lineup is separated, logically enough, into products for men and products for women. The delineation makes sense, considering that biologically women and men have different nutritional requirements. Let’s take a closer look at each of these different product lines.

Blackwolf Hunter Pack:

Main Uses: The Hunter Pack is Blackwolf Workout’s proprietary blend of supplements and energy mixes designed specifically for the needs of the male body. The company calls it the “Blackwolf Power Blend,” and it’s supposedly been formulated for male physiology to maximize workout gains. Blackwolf goes whole-hog with the whole “wolf” theme, separating its Hunter Pack into three different supplements. It consists of a “Track” pre-workout supplement, a “Hunt” intra-workout supplement, and an “Eliminate” post-workout supplement.

What’s In It: For the most part, the list of ingredients in each of these different supplements are the gold standard for high quality workout supplements. The first nine listed ingredients for Track, Hunt, and Eliminate are identical, from then on they are different depending on the workout phase:

  • L-Leucine – an essential amino acid needed to maintain muscle mass. Some research has shown that leucine may also help weight loss and control cholesterol as well.

  • Isoleucine – another amino acid, isoleucine is an energy burner. It promotes the cellular uptake of carbohydrates as well as their consumption, making it an important part of supplying energy to muscles during a workout.

  • Taurine – taurine is a conditional amino acid that has shown promise in increasing exercise performance and also in reducing muscle soreness after exercise, making it a key ingredient in recovery supplements.

  • L-Valine – like leucine and isoleucine, valine is an amino acid that plays a major role in maintaining muscle mass and providing energy for muscles during exertion. High levels of valine are needed to repair and rebuild stressed muscles.

  • Creatine Monohydrate – one of the most popular athletic supplements available over the counter, creatine in the body creates the precursor for adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a substance needed by the body to create the energy for muscle contractions.

  • Co Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinine) – similar to a vitamin, this substance is present throughout your body and is integral to producing energy on a cellular level. Co Enzyme Q10 is known to have antioxidant properties and is also thought to boost energy and speed recovery from exercise.

  • Zinc Citrate Powder – an essential trace mineral, zinc plays an important role in the human body. Athletes supplement with zinc to improve performance and strength, and high levels of zinc are linked to increasing the speed of the body’s healing process.

  • Seleno L-Methionine 0.5% Selenium – the organic amino acid-based version of the mineral selenium, methionine is a strong antioxidant and immune booster and is used to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Athletes often use this to increase their endurance.

  • Whey Protein Isolate 90% – a fat-free, lactose free, low-carbohydrate source of protein ideal for bodybuilders looking to cut up or for dieters looking to dramatically reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet

After this, the ingredients will differ depending on whether they are better put to use pre-workout for energy, intra-workout to provide long-lasting endurance, or post-workout to support quick recovery.

BONUS: Anyone who purchases the Hunter Pack also receives a Blackwolf-branded 700ml shaker for mixing the product. Five professional workout guides are also included with the package.
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Blackwolf Huntress Pack:

Main Uses: The Blackwolf Huntress Pack is formulated using a similar design philosophy as the Hunter Pack, with the main difference being that the three supplements that make up the product – Trail, Hunt, Eliminate –are designed for the specific biological needs of a female body.

What’s In It: Two of the three Huntress Pack products – Hunt and Eliminate – are completely identical to those found in the Hunter Pack. The main difference is in the ingredients of the Trail product. The core ingredients are the same as the other products (see above), but the secondary ingredients have been chosen to more closely support women’s health and fitness.

The Huntress Pack comes with the same freebies as the Hunter Pack, including the Blackwolf-branded shaker and the five workout guides.

Why Use Blackwolf Workout?

Blackwolf Workout offers a trio of products, specifically tailored to biology and also to the specific needs of the body before a workout, during a workout, and after a workout. That’s a pretty good attention to detail. Additionally, with all these products coming together in one package, it eliminates the need to source and buy different products separately or one at a time – representing a serious value to anyone who enjoys using workout supplements.

What Are the Side Effects?

Blackwolf Workout claims there are no side effects with their products when taken at recommended dosages.

Is Blackwolf Workout Safe?

Blackwolf Workout also claims that its products are 100% safe to use, based on their own thorough testing of the ingredients in each supplement.

Which Products Should I Choose?

This is obviously the easy part about Blackwolf Workout, as all the guesswork has been done for you. You simply match the product package with your biology – Hunter for men, Huntress for women – and follow the serving and preparation instructions for each of the three different supplements in your package.

How Much Does Blackwolf Workout Cost?

Each Blackwolf Workout package costs $82.95 USD with free shipping and includes one of each appropriate supplement, plus the free shaker bottle and 5 workout guides.

Additionally, you can buy each supplement separately if you prefer. Track and Trail are $44.95 USD each while Hunt and Eliminate are $37.95 USD each.

One excellent perk is that Blackwolf Workout offers free worldwide shipping on its products which ultimately amounts to a big savings, something that is sorely lacking when it comes to most other supplement companies, 

Is Blackwolf Workout Worth the Price?

Blackwolf Workout is incredibly cost-effective if you purchase the three-pack. Buying each supplement separately is considerably more expensive, but it does provide you with more flexibility in case you find a supplement from a competitor that you feel is more effective for your workout routine. However, you may not even need to do so considering how well-targeted Blackwolf Workout’s formulas are.

Taking everything into account – the convenience of not having to buy separate supplements from a variety of different retailers, the free shaker bottle and fitness guides, and the fact that the company provides free worldwide shipping, the value of Blackwolf Workout is quite high when it comes to value for money.

What Happens if I Stop Using Blackwolf Workout Products?

According to the makers of Blackwolf Workout, there are no negative effects for stopping to use their products besides not getting the most out of your workouts.

Male and Female Working Out
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Bottom Line: High Value for Money

Blackwolf Workout offers convenience and value in its Hunter and Huntress Packs, providing targeted workout support for a reasonable price. Its blend of scientifically proven, high quality ingredients are what you would expect in a product of this caliber – and the all-in-one convenience level of the Track, Trail Hunt and Eliminate formulas is high compared to buying a multitude of pills and powders from various supplement companies.

Overall, we feel Blackwolf Workout products are a great buy and a solid product. The value for money is certainly off the charts, and is perhaps Blackwolf Workout’s strongest selling point. We can’t think of another company that includes so many targeted supplements at such an excellent price point, that includes free bonuses like a shaker bottle and workout guides, and also provides free international shipping. That’s unheard of!